Ceed Civil Engineering is experienced in providing smart, cost-effective designs while remaining responsive to our client’s needs, and we are always evolving to remain progressive and current with regulations and development standards. As our culture becomes more eco-aware and environmental policies are dictating new stringent and environmentally conscious requirements for development, our staff implements sustainable practices which are sensitive to, and well integrated with surrounding communities and natural features while adhering to progressive development requirements in the most cost-effective way possible.

Development Services

  • Master Planning

  • Site Development Permits

  • Street Vacations

  • Vesting Tentative Maps

  • Planned Development Permits

  • Commercial/Industrial Site Development

  • Residential Site Development

  • Public Facilities/Golf Courses

  • Tentative Subdivision Maps

  • Tentative Parcel Maps

  • Site Planning & Mapping

  • Pre & Post Development ALT