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What type of ADU Should you build?

You may be asking yourself whether to build an ADU or garage conversion. Luckily, you may now be able to choose the structure that best fits you! Most states recently passed laws allowing many new zoning codes to accommodate Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU/ALU) and Garage/Basement Conversions. Many new single and multi-family properties will be permitted to have both!

California ADU plans

Ceed Civil ADU Development Process

We take your hand and walk you through from start to finish.
In just 5 steps you can change your life with an ADU or Garage/Basement Conversion!

1. Create ADU Blueprints

In most jurisdictions, homeowners will need to run plans for the project by their local department of building and safety. For ground-up construction, that means diagrams and exact measurements will need to be included. If a project is especially complex, homeowners will utilize our engineering expertise to ensure it’s built to code.

California ADU plans
ADU Plans California
2. Get Permits

In most areas, you are allowed  to turn your garage or basement into a habitable dwelling unit. It will be an accessory to the main house. That is why it’s called an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or accessory living unit (ALU). Ceed Civil will assist you in all aspects of the permit plan process.

3. Build ADU or Garage Conversion

Upon receiving your permits, Clients can finalize their Construction Contract, including a budget and estimated build time. Then they will begin construction on your ADU or Garage Conversion. We can provide engineering services throughout the build process. After all, it is in your backyard!

Costs and estimated build time depend on the size and features requested.

Building an ADU or Garage/Basement conversion can increase your property value by $100,000+ and generate $10,000-$50,000 in rental income per year, depending on location.

Conservation Plan Virginia
Civil Structural Engineer
4. Complete Finishes

When your ADU or ALU is completed, the final inspection will give you the ability to start utilizing your new space and generate the income you have always wanted.

5. Renting out the unit
Local cities and jurisdictions decide whether ADUs can be listed on short-term rental sites like AirBnB. Some larger jurisdictions, such as some in Virginia and some California municipalities, have chosen to limit AirBnB, but there are many ways to rent out units. Longer term rentals are easier, compliant, risk-free and are less hassle. Homeowners aiming to build a rental unit to help pay the mortgage are working towards financial freedom.
Virginia Structural Engineer