Fairfax County Violation

Fairfax county violation – Civil Engineering

Fairfax County has a rigorous process for approving site plans where a simple Infill Lot Grading Plan requires a checklist with 100 plus line items of required detailed elements.

  • Conservation Plan – 2,500 sf of disturbance to 4,999 sf.
  • Infill Lot Grading Plans (INF) – 5,000 sf of disturbance or more.

We specialize in and have extensive experience in Fairfax County land disturbance violation compliance site plans.

Violation Site plans

Due to the nature of land disturbance violations, Fairfax County holds a very high standard for these types of plans, which is why most firms will not handle these cases (higher than standard plans). This is a stressful and extensive process, however, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

  • New home site plans
  • Subdivision site plans
  • Site surveying
  • Site topographical survey
  • Existing building height survey
  • Setback certification
  • Tree conservation
  • House location plat
  • Resource Protection Area (RPA)
  • VDOT requirements
  • We do everything except the county inspections (which is done by county staff).
  • Full Fairfax County Violation Services

Elements of a Minimum Violation Site plan

  • Pre-condition plans
  • Post condition plans
  • Pre-vegetation map
  • Post-vegetation map
  • Tree conservation plan (several pages)
  • 10 year canopy calculations
  • Pre-grading
  • post-grading
  • NCS detail
  • Storm Water Management (SWM)
  • BMP, outfall and impervious area calculation