Structural Engineering
Ceed Civil Engineering


Ceed Civil Engineering provides engineering design for onsite and offsite infrastructure, commercial, educational, hospitality, healthcare, residential and mixed-use projects. Our design experience includes full structural plans and details. During construction, our professional team works closely with the owner and all others on the design and construction team to ensure the project is completed in accordance with local governing requirements, contract documents, and applicable building standards and codes.

Engineering Services

  • Structural Calculation Reports
  • Construction Documents
  • Seismic Calculation Reports
  • Wind Calculation Reports
  • ADU/JADU – Accessory Dwelling unit
  • Site Design

  • ADA Site Analysis/Tenant Improvements

  • Capital Improvement Projects

  • Community Facilities Engineering

  • Street & Highway Design

  • Site Inspections

  • Sewer, Water, Storm System Studies/Design

  • Water Quality Technical Reports

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Construction Administration

  • Computer-Aided Design

Northern Virginia:

Due to the high standards and requirements required by Fairfax county and to comply with State of Virginia requirements, we are aligned to complete engineering plans for any county in Virginia and WMA (Washington DC, Maryland).

Home building plans:

From small home additions, decks, two story or 3 story additions we are capable of drafting and engineer stamping of building plans. We are aligned to efficiently provide complete home VA P.E. review and stamping for submission in Virginia as required by all municipalities in Virginia and throughout the WMA.

Commercial Building plans:

We hold vast experience of commercial and non-commercial building plans for any WMA body. From 20 page to 2,000-page submittals we are capable and ready to engineer.