Container Homes

Shipping container homes

Ceed Civil engineering comes up with exclusive container homes, which are used to build customized structures. We have expertise in container home engineering and our ISO shipping containers homes and buildings help you explore nice architecture. The structures we create feature a versatile look and you can now easily opt for our cost-effective services. The shipping containers are designed according to the client’s specifications and we ensure that you get a perfect structure developed.

We have extensive knowledge of developing modified shipping containers and they bring a nice look to the buildings.

Conex house

What is a container home?

These shipping containers are also referred to as CONEX Homes and we are here to help you learn the importance of steel shipping containers. These containers are widely used to carry cargo on trains, trucks, ships, etc. and we know how to make proper use of these Lego blocks. We construct buildings of various shapes and sizes and usually, the standard sizes are 10ft, 20ft ad 40ft. The smallest one can help explore a floor space of 100 square feet and utilize the shipping home containers in the right way. We can build a two-story structure using eight large shipping containers and the total space will be 1400 square feet. Now, you can explore the micro-apartment structures built using shipping containers and they are becoming popular in Washington D.C.

Now, you may be wondering why we are using shipping containers to build different structures. There are about 14 million containers in the world that are of no use. So, we are using those containers and you can get familiar with the innovative designs.

We use the blocks to develop modular homes and you can save money with the assembled structures. So, if you are looking to complete the construction at a low price then we are here to help. These homes also have a low maintenance cost and recycling homes come up as the best option.


Shipping Container Homes Have Standard Costs

The shipping container homes are easy to build and also involve low costs. We handle the whole procedure efficiently and you can comprehend how we build the exclusive container homes. We know how to assemble the blocks to develop a perfect building with ample space.  First, we make delivery the blocks and prepare the site for the construction work. Now, you can make good savings with the container homes and we come up with a proper estimate.

Container Building

Recycled Shipping Container Homes

Now, you can explore a unique Conex House and you can learn the importance of recyclable container building. The giant blocks can be re-used and it helps in protecting the environment. Thus, it improves the ecological balance and you can lead a better way of life.

Also, the construction work takes much less time and we can come up with versatile designs. We are using the moving shipping containers to build a unique container house and these containers can be moved easily. As they are easy to move these containers can provide shelter to people during emergencies. So, the versatility is a great benefit and we make use of these moveable containers.


The roof of the building blocks may lack structural integrity and we develop a design plan according to which the roof can be re-constructed. So, if you are looking for a planned building using moveable containers then we are here to help you with a proper plan. We will help you build a planned structure and it’s time to explore an aesthetic design. Nowadays, living roofs are most common in North America and you can find varied roof designs. The roofs can be flat roofs, pitched roofs, roof terraces, etc.

  • Flat roofs are easy to build and also involve a low cost. However, the maintenance cost can be high and you need to create a pitch for rainwater drainage.
  • Presently, living roofs more popularly known as green roofs are becoming popular. The roof structure brings a pleasant touch and you can even introduce plants that incorporate a soothing effect. It’s easy to install the roofs and also it keeps your place cool.
  • The pitched roofs feature a sloping structure moving down. This helps you manage extreme rainfall and snowfall and you can thus live life freely. Gables, hip, gambrel, etc. are the most common pitched roofs and we are here to develop a perfect roof plan.
  • Roof terraces feature an innovative structure and they are flat spaces that can be used easily. Thus roof terraces help in creating nice gardens and you can utilize the outdoor space in the best way.
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