Site Planning


Ceed Civil Engineering is experienced in providing smart, cost-effective designs while remaining responsive to our client’s needs, and we are always evolving to remain progressive and current with regulations and development standards. As our culture becomes more eco-aware and environmental policies are dictating new stringent and environmentally conscious requirements for development, our staff implements sustainable practices which are sensitive to, and well-integrated with surrounding communities and natural features while adhering to progressive development requirements in the most cost-effective way possible. We span from California Civil Engineering to Fairfax County Site Plans in Virginia and everything in between.

Standard Site plans for large additions

  • Pre-condition plans
  • post-condition plans
  • Pre-vegetation map
  • Post-vegetation map
  • Tree conservation plan (several pages)
  • 10 year canopy calculations
  • Pre-grading
  • Post-grading
  • NCS Detail
  • Storm Water Management (SWM)
  • BMP, outfall and impervious area calculations
  • New Home Site Plans
  • Subdivision Site Plans
  • Site surveying
  • Site Topographical survey
  • Existing Building Height survey
  • Setback Certification
  • Tree Conservation
  • House location plat
  • Resource Protection Area (RPA)
  • DOT requirements
  • We do everything except the county inspections (which is done by county staff).

Development Services

  • Full Site Plan
  • Infil Lot Grading Planning
  • Conservation Plan Virginia
  • Tree Conservation Plan
  • Master Planning
  • Site Development Permits
  • Street Vacations

  • Vesting Tentative Maps

  • Planned Development Permits

  • Commercial/Industrial Site Development

  • Residential Site Development

  • Public Facilities/Golf Courses

  • Tentative Subdivision Maps

  • Tentative Parcel Maps

  • Pre & Post Development ALT
  • Full Virginia Site Plan (and other states)
  • Fairfax County Site Plan (and other states)
  • Conservation Plan Virginia
  • Civil Engineering Loudon County
  • Limited Feasibility Study
  • California Civil Engineering Services
  • All Other State Specific Civil Engineering and Site Planning