Site Planning


A site plan features how the land is utilized. We develop a proper Fairfax County site plan and our licensed engineers in Fairfax include all necessary details. We follow standard rules and regulations while developing the site plan and we turn out with a legal building structure. Here, you will learn how California civil engineering service brings positive aspects and we carry out the site panning procedure flawlessly. We thoroughly analyze the condition of the land and accordingly prepare the site plan. We also develop a conservation plan in Virginia and you can trust us. We also provide services in Loudon County and civil engineering in Loudon County brings the best services.

Feasible Site Plans to Make Further inclusions

  • Pre-condition plans
  • post-condition plans
  • Pre-vegetation map
  • Post-vegetation map
  • Tree conservation plan (several pages)
  • 10-year canopy calculations
  • Pre-grading
  • Post-grading
  • NCS Detail
  • Storm Water Management (SWM)
  • BMP, outfall, and impervious area calculations
  • New Home Site Plans
  • Subdivision Site Plans
  • Site surveying
  • Site Topographical survey
  • Existing Building Height survey
  • Setback Certification
  • Tree Conservation
  • House location plan
  • Resource Protection Area (RPA)
  • DOT requirements
  • We do everything except the county inspections (which are done by county staff).

Development Services

  • Full Site Plan
  • Infil Lot Grading Planning
  • Conservation Plan Virginia
  • Tree Conservation Plan
  • Master Planning
  • Site Development Permits
  • Street Vacations

  • Vesting Tentative Maps

  • Planned Development Permits

  • Commercial/Industrial Site Development

  • Residential Site Development

  • Public Facilities/Golf Courses

  • Tentative Subdivision Maps

  • Tentative Parcel Maps

  • Pre & Post Development ALT
  • Full Virginia Site Plan (and other states)
  • Fairfax County Site Plan (and other states)
  • Conservation Plan Virginia
  • Civil Engineering Loudon County
  • Limited Feasibility Study
  • California Civil Engineering Services
  • All Other State-Specific Civil Engineering and Site Planning

Ceed Civil Engineering works with you to establish goals and generate practical, affordable solutions—designed specifically for each particular piece of land, whether in Virginia or in any other state.