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Why choose us

Just about all local engineering firms can provide “technical competence,” “key relationships,” and “quality designs.” What makes us different?

Simply put: we’ve been in your shoes.  As past purchasers of design and construction services, we are keenly aware of the value of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and a good relationship with the project owner. We’ll make every effort to ensure that you enjoy working with us.

Ceed Civil engineers ARE licensed in all 50 states and D.C.


Ceed Civil places a strong emphasis on utilizing state-of-the-art design concepts to create both functional and practical land use, improvement, planning designs and conceptual plan layouts.

Virginia Site Plan

Planning is the most critical phase of every commercial, residential, and municipal project. Ceed Civil Engineering works with you to establish goals and generate practical, affordable solutions—designed specifically for each particular piece of land.

Structural Engineering California

We put the experience of a dedicated, professional staff to work on your engineering challenges—across a wide range of project types and sizes, for all of the structural engineering phases required for a specific project. Ceed Civil Engineering produces only high-quality structural reports for client projects.

Architectural Engineering California

An accurate, detailed custom plan set is essential to any successful project. Ceed Civil provides architectural services with an enormous value and emphasis on beautiful design. From Custom home to a small deck or home addition – we have you covered.

Fairfax County Violation

We specialize in Fairfax County Land Development Services (LDS) violation resolution. Site Plan violations and subsequent resolution is an intensive process that we have years of experience in order to guide our clients through to ensure compliance is met.

Foundation Only Plans

Ceed Civil Engineering provides foundation-only plan sets for steel and post-frame buildings for some of the industry’s largest building manufacturers. Our engineering staff will provide the required foundation plans that are lacking from the supplier’s building plans.

Container Homes California

Ceed Civil Engineering specializes in custom home building utilizing standard ISO shipping containers. These structures are versatile, unique, and extremely cost-effective while still providing a spacious and beautiful alternative building style.

ADU Plans California

You may be asking yourself whether to build an ADU or garage conversion. Luckily, you may now able to choose the structure best fits you! We take your hand and walk you through start to finish. We are builders you can trust.