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10 Things To Consider Before You Set Your ADU Plans In Motion


You may have contemplated establishing an ADU, or auxiliary dwelling unit, as you want to extend your home. It is a good way to welcome more people to reside in it. This expansion will provide more living areas for anyone who wants it without needing a major relocation. But, before finalizing your ADU plans, keep the following points in mind. And make the project go as seamless as possible.

The current layout and design of your home

When creating your ADU plans, among the first factors you must think about is the existing layout and style of your property. If it is a brick structure, your ADU must be built to match. A discordant unit might lower your home’s value. This also makes it difficult to sell if you ever consider selling it.

While it’s critical to stay true to your ideas, you must also employ common sense. Otherwise, rather than increasing the home’s value, your investment may depreciate it.

Level of Privacy You Desire

With the unit, you must think about privacy problems. It all depends on who would be staying there. You might not require as much privacy while your parents are living with you. If you’re letting the unit to outsiders, on the other hand, you’ll want to make sure they get total privacy.

The standard for property development

You’ll need to look up your area’s property development regulations. You’ll need to verify if the unit meets the requirements in your area. For instance, you should know the density units that are permitted for a specific land. Your ADU unit must adhere to those density restrictions.

Your New Space’s Dimensions

What size do you envision your future room to be? It is critical that you arrange this aspect ahead of time. Matters can go awry when you go too big or even too small.

Ensure the ADU is accessible

You’ll need to think about entry points for everybody who lives on the property. Even though it isn’t detached, an ADU must have its own entrance. You could, for instance, create a separate backdoor for ADU inhabitants to use as the entrance and exit.

The condition of your site

You must be aware of the site conditions where you want the structure to be installed. Since you may need to alter a few things, this can help you save money. If you construct on disturbed soil, for instance, it can destroy the foundation.

Connections to utilities

Inhabitants of your ADU, like those of your main home, will need power and water. You won’t have to add any new utilities in the vast majority of circumstances. A contractor can connect to your main home’s water and gas lines.

Regulations on Fires

You can’t build an ADU without considering fire safety laws. Preparing for these standards ahead of time will help you safeguard yourself, your family members, and any tenants who may visit your home.

Conserving Space

When it comes to space, you get a lot to consider. Because the unit may be small, you should consider storage alternatives, appliance sizes, and furniture. You want goods that will fit into a small place while still leaving enough room for the person.

Work with a contractor who specializes in ADUs

You must use a contractor who has expertise in constructing this type of structure and provide you with the best California ADU Plans. You should deal with a specialist who is familiar with the process of constructing an ADU unit.